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I’m on WOMWorld’s experience map

Just a quick note: WOMWorld recently updated their experience map. This zoomable map allows you to see where are their loaner devices, and who is trialling them. You can click on the map to see its full size. (Photos (c) @WOMWorld Nokia.)

I am really glad that I’m also on this map, as you can see below:

Unfortunately, my N97 never passed our Customs, because Serbian laws are really, really strict. 😦

So, I’ve made my map, that shows the (failed) eurotrip of my N97 trial. Click on it to see the full size.

Anyway, I would really like to thank Lydia and Bethanie from WOMWorld for their efforts and dedication. I really appreciate your help girls, thanks! 🙂

They are currently checking if it is possible for me to import a Nokia Booklet 3G. Since it’s not a mobile phone, it may be possible…