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Nokia 6700 Slide “Comes with OVI”

Hi there!

Thanks to guys at respected Serbian technology magazine called Mobilni Magazin (you can follow them on Twitter @mobilnimagazin), I’ve got my hands on the Nokia 6700 Slide! This mid-class device is much more than an updated 6700 Classic, it runs Symbian s60v3 FP2, and it is unbelievably well built.

It also packs a decent 5 MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics and dual LED flash. It is OVI-optimized, meaning that it comes with a whole bunch of OVI apps preinstalled. These include OVI Store, OVI Files, OVI Contact and OVI Share. You can enjoy the pics I’ve taken in the following slideshow.

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Unfortunately, this otherwise great phone, doesn’t have WiFi connectivity, so you’ll need an unlimited data plan in order to maximize its potential.

You can watch the hands-on preview here, or on my YouTube channel.


What can you use for, and how?

You’ve definitely heard of OVI, you know it belongs to Nokia, and… Well, that’s about it.

Many of my friends have neglected this website, but I’m going to change that with this post! At least, I’m going to try. 🙂

Most of them don’t know the possibilities of this site, and they asked me the following question quite a few times: “Is it useful?”

As a matter of fact, YES! It can be very useful and helpful, if used properly. So, here are some explanations and tips…

First of all, you need to register at The registration process is quite easy, straightforward, and it will probably be in your native language. The great thing about OVI is that you only need one username/password combination for all the services! After you register, you’ll be at the following screen (click on image to enlarge):

As you can see, there are several choices to choose from, and, of course, you don’t have to use all of them. I will explain a couple of them in detail, and only present the rest.

1. I would recommend you to start with ‘Contacts’ or ‘Calendar’. Here you will be able to synchronize your contacts, calendar items, notes and to-do task between your phone and your page. This is great because you will be able to access your contacts from anywhere, and you’ll have a backup of that data online.

First you need to click on ‘Add a device’ (located in the lower left corner of the ‘Contacts’ page), and then to fill in your device’s info and your mobile number. Now you will see the basic instructions for sync, and it will look similar to this:

Soon after that you will receive a configuration SMS from OVI. Enter the provided PIN, and save the message (Options->Save). Follow the instructions from the picture above (go to Menu->Tools->Sync), and click on “”, then Synchronize.

Choose your preferred access point (if you’re not on an unlimited data plan, it’s better to choose WiFi). That’s about it, your data is synced, and you’ll be able to see it in your browser. Nice, isn’t it?

2. The runner up in the “most useful OVI page” race is “Files”. This service enables you to remotely access and transfer your computer files, via mobile phone, or via any other PC, and you get 10GB Anytime File Storage (for accessing you files even when your PC is turned off). Really cool feature, and a possible “life” saver.

After you accept the legal mumbo-jumbo stuff, you will need to install an 15MB application called Ovi Files Connector on your PC. On the next page, click on “Download Software” and then install the app. At the end of installation, fill in your account details, and name your PC. By now, you should see a gray icon appear in your PC’s system tray. You are now able to access you files from internet. You can test it by typing on your mobile’s browser. Click on “Sign in”, and fill in your username and password one last time. You should see your PC’s folders, and you are free to browse your data. Congratulations!

3. Ovi Share is service for sharing your pictures and videos with other people. You can upload stuff directly from your phone (either by Share Online app, or by browser), or from your PC. The site itself looks very good, and it’s really easy to navigate. You can create albums, set their privacy (visibility) settings, comment on other people’s uploads, etc…

4. Ovi Store. Here you can download and buy applications, games, ringtones, wallpapers, etc… Click on “Account” in the upper right corner, and select the device you use. The Search options isn’t working extremely well, and that’s why Categories save the day. You can browse through the following categories: Recommended, Applications, Games, Audio & Video, and Personalization. Their names are pretty much self-explanatory. You could also install the Ovi Store application on your mobile, for easier browsing through the store.

5. Ovi Mail is a standard mail client, with all the functions, with very nice, simple design. It works fine as secondary email, and you can also use it on your phone.

6. Ovi Maps is not very useful to me, because of the extremely low-detailed maps of Serbia. However, you can browse places from all around the globe, search for POI’s, plan your journeys, etc… You can also synchronize routes and places with your cell phone (if you have Ovi maps application installed).

7. Finally, Music link takes you to the Nokia Music Store, where you can preview songs and buy the ones you like.

I hope this will change several minds about the usefulness of OVI.

Comments are, as usually, welcome.