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How to transfer files between Nokia C6-01 and iPad?

Hi there! The meaning of the title of this post may seem strange to you, but I’m going to change that. I’m talking about the bidirectional, fast, wireless transfer between phones from the new Symbian family (Nokia N8, C7 and C6-01) and an iPad.

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Apple wireless keyboard with the Nokia E5

Hi there! It may not seem so, but this post is going to be about love! Nokia-Apple love to be precise. 🙂

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Browsing on WiFi-only iPad using 3G connection!

Yes, you’ve read the post title correctly, you can use 3G connection on WiFi-only iPad! All you need is: a WiFi-only iPad (naturally), mobile phone with WiFi connectivity (Symbian, Maemo or WM operating systems – in my case Nokia N97 Mini), and an absolutely fantastic piece of software called JoikuSpot!

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First post from my iPad

Hi everyone, just wanted to try something new – writting a blog post directly from my iPad using official WordPress app…

Let’s begin with a pic:

It’ working fine 🙂

I’ll try with one larger photo this time, the quality of the first one isn’t that good.

Ok, so you can add photos between the text…