Nokia E7 hands-on preview

Hi all, I’ve got something really special this time – a shiny, brand new Nokia E7 – the ultimate Symbian phone!

After the initial excitement (that is still present :)), I took a deep breath and tried to write this post as objectively as I could.

The E7 has the largest capacitive AMOLED touchscreen of all the phones from the new Symbian family. It measures a whopping 4 inch diagonal, and can brag with Nokia ClearBlack display technology. I don’t have a N8 or C7 here, but the E7 looks and feels significantly bigger, which is a good thing, if you ask me. The only thing that bugs me with this great, Gorilla glass protected, screen is its resolution: 360 x 640 pixels. You can see the Menu key right below the screen.

Beneath the screen, there is one of the key selling points of this robust device – physical QWERTY keyboard. This keyboard is absolutely great to use, and it minimizes the number of typing errors to zero.

The keyboard consists of 42 buttons, that are organized into 4 rows. Besides the letters and digits (as secondary function, located in the first row), there are very useful navigational arrows. You can use them to navigate through the written text, as well as through the homescreens and menu – VERY useful option for me. There are also Shift and Ctrl keys that make the typing process even more enjoyable.

It’s crowded on the top of this phone – micro USB port (that is used for charging, as well as USB On-the-Go), mini HDMI port (for connecting with HD TVs), power button and 3,5 mm audio jack.

Left side only has the slide lock/unlock key that is working great (unlike the C6-01 that I had for a few weeks). It may seem a bit strange that lock key is at the left side, but it makes the perfect sense, when you look at the way the display is popped-out.

Right side has SIM slot (it took me five minutes to open it, used a knife in the end), nice volume rocker, and a camera key.

Bottom is pretty unpopulated, and it only has the mic.

On the back, there’s, of course, the camera and the speaker. The camera produces very good 8 megapixel photos, when you’re shooting in daylight and object that are not closer then 60cm. The lack of auto-focus is a pity. I guess the N8 is the one you want if great camera quality is a must.

Here are some pics I’ve taken, click on each one to see it in full resolution.

Video recording capabilities are pretty impressive, here’s a video clip that shows both the video and audio quality.

Software-wise, you get the latest Symbian operating system, that brought numerous improvements and some cool new features. Of course, I’m talking about USB On-the-Go functionality and HDMI 720p output, but you can read more about this in one of the upcoming posts.

So, if you’re indecisive between Nokia N8 and E7, here’s the bottom line: if you want to use your mobile phone instead of a digital camera, go for the N8. If you want to use your mobile phone instead of a laptop, go for the E7! 🙂

  1. well my e7 is showin an error on charge iput it on charge n it shows a msg that the chargers unplugged or somethin n then i take the charger out n put it in again it charges n shows the same error again after 2 mins

  2. wat culd be the error do u have ne clue

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