How to transfer files between Nokia C6-01 and iPad?

Hi there! The meaning of the title of this post may seem strange to you, but I’m going to change that. I’m talking about the bidirectional, fast, wireless transfer between phones from the new Symbian family (Nokia N8, C7 and C6-01) and an iPad.

Things that you need, besides the C6-01 and the iPad are:

1. WiFi network

2. Air Sharing HD app for iPad (or a similar one – it’s has to have the option to mount the iPad as a wireless network drive)

Note: this tutorial works for iPhone also, as well as iPod Touch, the only difference is that the app is called Air Sharing, without the “HD”.

Make sure that both the phone and the tablet are in the range of the same WiFi network, and that they have access to it.

First, you need to turn on WiFi on the iPad, connect to the desired network, and launch the Air Sharing HD application. Press the button that looks just like the WiFi indicator, in the bottom-middle of the screen, and you’ll see the IP address of your iPad. In my case, it’s , as you can see in the third field (click on the image to show it in full size).

Now, it’s Nokia’s turn. The easiest way to do this it to open the File Manager app (located in Menu -> Applications -> Office). Just click “Options -> Map new drive“, as shown in the pic below.

Now, you’ll see several fields, but don’t get intimidated, it’s super simple.

As you can see, only the first two fields are mandatory, so let’s begin.

1. Fill in anything you like in the first field, for example iPad (feel free to be more creative 🙂 )

2. In the field called “Address”, fill in the IP address of your iPad. Delete the “s” in “https”, because we’re not creating a safe connection in this tutorial.

3. Select the access point that connects your Nokia to your home network in the third field (User defined -> Name of your access point).

Now, your Nokia’s screen should look something like this (leave the last two fields blank):

Click “Back“, and you’ll see your new network drive in the list, right below the local drives:

In order to connect to the iPad, press and hold the drive’s name until the pop-up list shows up, and then press “Connect“.

After a few moments, you should notice two arrows next to the drive’s name, which means you’re connected.

All you have to do now, is to press the drive’s name in the list, and you’re good to go. You’ll see a list of all files/folders on the iPad (that are in the app’s folder), and you can easily browse through them.

Once you find the file you want to transfer to the C6-01, tap-and-hold it, and you’ll see the following list:

Press “Copy to folder” and navigate to the desired local folder that is located, for example, on the memory card. Select the folder, and copy process will begin!

Congratulations! You’ve successfully copied a file from iPad to the C6-01! 😀

If you want to copy files/folders in the opposite direction (from Nokia to iPad – great for showing off pics and short videos taken with the N8!), the procedure is almost identical. Open File Manager, locate local file, press and hold “Copy to folder”, and select the destination folder on the iPad.

Handy tip: when you finish the transfer, tap-and-hold the drive’s name once again, and select “Disconnect“.

And now, here’s the sweet ending. You can do this while you’re outside, without the regular WiFi network!

This time, you need one more Symbian/Maemo phone that has JoikuSpot installed! Just launch this great utility on the second phone (for example, the Nokia C7), and connect both the C6-01 and the iPad to it’s network (GPRS traffic won’t be generated, in case you’re wondering – you’re not going to transmit data over the Internet, only between devices!).

You’ll need to note the new IP address that has been assigned to the iPad, and to create a new remote drive on the C6-01, with the new address.

Now, you’ll be able to transfer files between Nokia and Apple devices anywhere, anytime! Cool, right? 😀


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