Browsing on WiFi-only iPad using 3G connection!

Yes, you’ve read the post title correctly, you can use 3G connection on WiFi-only iPad! All you need is: a WiFi-only iPad (naturally), mobile phone with WiFi connectivity (Symbian, Maemo or WM operating systems – in my case Nokia N97 Mini), and an absolutely fantastic piece of software called JoikuSpot!

JoikuSpot transforms your mobile phone into a 3G WiFi router. This is how it works (in a simple way): your phone has 3G connection (dataplan is highly recommended, the amount of transferred data can be huge!) and WiFi connection. Your WiFi-only iPad has, as its name suggest, only WiFi connection. So, the smart guys at JoikuSoft Oy Ltd, developed this app that allows you to share your phone’s 3G connection with the iPad (or netbook, laptop, other mobile phones, etc…). The alternative to this app is called 3G modem, and it is probably available at your mobile operator. As you already know, you cannot use these modems on an iPad, because iPad is missing an USB port.

There are two versions of this great utility: free one and a paid one. The free version, JoikuSpot Light, gives you the basic functionality, and I’ll be using this version in this tutorial. JoikuSpot Premium allows you to secure your connection (so only the people that know your password can connect to your phone) and set up various settings, and also adds some Internet and email protocols.

So, let’s begin! First you need to install JoikuSpot on your phone. I used OVI Store to download the JoikuSpot Light. Important note: you need to restart your phone manually, after the installation. When you turn on your phone, you’ll find the application icon in the Applications folder.

When you launch the app for the first time, you will be asked if you want to allow sharing of your GPRS/3G connection.

Of course, you’ll click “Yes”. After that, you’ll be prompted to select the GPRS/3G access point. Because this is Light version, you won’t be able to select the Default access point, so you’ll have to select one every time you want to connect.

Just wait a few moments, and your phone will start to behave as a 3G modem. That wasn’t so difficult, right? 🙂

Now, it would be a good time to open “Settings” on your iPad, and turn on the WiFi. You’ll see the list of available WiFi HotSpots, and make sure you select the one that begins with JoikuSpot_NUMBERS. These numbers represent the MAC address of your phone. Again, this is non-paid version, so you cannot change the HotSpot name.

When the iPad connects to your freshly made HotSpot, it will automatically direct you to landing page (OVI Store). Close that window, and open Safari (or any other browser you’ve got installed), and start browsing via data connection!

There are two Views in this app: Clients and Status. The first one shows you the devices that are currently connected to your phone (their names and MAC addresses), and the second one allows you to see various info about the current session (duration if the connection, the amount of transmitted data, etc..).

There are two downsides to this process:

1. Your phone will be connected to WiFi AND 3G, and that has a great influence on battery life. The good thing about the JoikuSpot Premium is that you can set it up to stop the service when battery level reaches certain limit.

2. Your phone will be very hot during the process. (Not so important downside, but I though you should know).

Otherwise, this is definitely one of the top apps for your mobile phone!

    • Vex
    • September 9th, 2010

    You didn’t blur the MAC address on 6. picture.

  1. Using JoikuSpot on my E71 and my iPod Touch. Or MacBook. Works a treat. The premium version is worth the small amount of money it costs.

    • @petemcn
    • September 9th, 2010

    Great guide. I use my ipad wifi with my nokia e55 and joikuspot premium regularly.

    Wifi tethering AND a spare battery – take that apple!

  2. Good post!
    I have tried JoikuSpot in a Nokia for a while. It was ok. My only problem is the it sucks you battery really, really fast. So I was able to use it only when I was in a place with a power outlet and I could plug the phone. And these are the places where I usually have a WiFi connection.

    • Hi Guillermo, thanks! 🙂

      Well, if your battery is at maximum level, it can work for quite some time…

    • Lau
    • October 1st, 2010

    Hi, i have Nokia N97, i install it but when i open it, say: “Impossible begin”
    Could you help me? Thanks!!

    • Raul Suárez
    • October 20th, 2010

    En definitiva se ahorra ya que el IPAD que tiene incorporado 3G es mucho más costosa, gracias por el dato, me parece muy bueno.

    • Abuz
    • January 11th, 2011

    Is it possible to use joikuspot as a modem on nokia, i mean transferring files between two devices with wi fi using joiku??

    • Tegan
    • July 10th, 2011

    is there a way to run a vpn ?

    • ADitya
    • February 2nd, 2012

    can i create wifi hot spot without useing joikuspot premium?

    • Branko
    • May 26th, 2012

    I have problem with accsess on skype and fb?

    • Branko
    • May 26th, 2012

    …app is very god, and other thinks are in function,

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