Symbian basics: changing Clock settings

Hi folks and welcome to the third class of our Symbian basics course! Have you heard the famous saying: “Lost time is never found again.” by Benjamin Franklin?

Well, I have, so this time I will teach you how to set up the Clock in your Symbian phone.

In order to access Clock related settings, you must open the Menu, then the Applications folder, and then click on the Clock icon. (I’m using the Nokia E72, it may be different on your phone).

You’ll see the following screen:

Now select Options and then Settings.

There are 12 fields available for changing, so let’s begin, I’ll go three by three:

1. Time – allows you to change the current time.

2. Time zone – here you can select your time zone.

3. Date – gives you the ability to change the current date.

4. Date format – great option that allows you to select the preferred format for showing the date. There are 3 options available (dd mm yyyy – meaning two digits for day and month and 4 for year, etc), so choose the one you like the most.

5. Date separator – select between dot (.), colon(:), slash(/) and minus(-) symbols. I like to use the dot, so the date looks like this: 30.05.2010.

6. Time format – choose between 24-hour (22:45) and 12-hour format (10:45 PM).

7. Time separator – select the symbol that will be shown between the digits that show the hour and the ones the show the minutes. Only 2 options available here, dot and colon.

8. Clock type – very useful option, because you can select digital over analogue clock. This will show on your home screen, and digital is much more convenient (to me, that is).

9. Clock alarm tone – select the sound/music you would like to hear when you need to get up.

10. Alarm snooze time – select the delay that will allow you to sleep a little longer.

11. Workdays – here you choose on which days your repeated alarm is active.

12. Automatic time update – if you want to automatically update the time, date and the time zone, select On. Note: this option isn’t available on all networks.

That would be it, now you’ll never be late again! 🙂

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