Symbian basics: How to change shortcuts on your Nokia’s homescreen?

As of today, I’m starting a series of basic Symbian tutorials, to help new users get acquainted with S60 UI. This post is the first one of its kind, and it definitely won’t be the last… 😀

If you’re using a s60 device (for example Nokia E72, N82, X6, 5530, etc..), you’ve probably noticed some shortcuts on the device’s homescreen. There are a lot of things, I know, but we’ll focus on the first row in this tutorial.

These 6 icons represent the default shortcuts, and may differ from phone to phone. Naturally, you want to customize this to your specific needs, and here’s how you’re going to do that. I’ll be using my E72 trial device, but this applies to all S60 phones. Open the Menu, and then open the Control Panel folder (or Tools, on older phones), and then Settings.

Here’s the tricky part: this option requires you to dig a little dipper, so follow my lead. Click “General->Personalisation->Standby mode->Mode settings->Application shortcuts“, as shown below. (On older devices, after you click “Standby mode”, select “Active standby apps“.) Click on the image to see it in full size.

You should be at the number 6. Now, click on the Shortcut 1 field, and select the first application you want to see on the homescreen, and click “OK”. This application will be on the far left in the shortcuts bar.

Now, go through the rest of the fields, and select the apps that you use on a daily basis.

Hope this helps, more tutorials are one the way. Class dismissed! 🙂

  1. I want to ask about my nokia n 97 how to maych te left led on top of the phone to worck?and for what i s it

    • I’m not quite sure what do you want, can you please be more specific?

    • bbb
    • September 5th, 2010

    thanks, those options were hard to find.

    • Linda
    • December 20th, 2010

    About ten times better than anything put out by Nokia. Thank you.

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