How does Nokia spell “business”? E72.

As you already know, I’m using the Nokia E72 as my main device at the moment. In case you’ve missed my first post regarding this great business device, you can read it here.

The design

When you first look at this phone, your eyes will focus on its full QWERTY keyboard. Besides this, you can also notice that is very, very thin and extremely well built.

It does look a lot like the famous E71, and it fits the hand just fine, like its big brother. Its corners are curved and the sides are flat.

From the front side you can also see the 2,4″ TFT screen, shortcut keys (menu, calendar, contact, mail/email), call/hang up keys, two software keys, optical trackpad, video call camera, ear piece and the mic.

You’ll spot the charger pinhole and the lanyard hole (what’s the right word for this lanyard thing?) at the bottom side.

From the right side, you can distinguish the stylish volume keys and the voice command key. I NEVER use voice commands, so as far as I’m concerned , that key is a total waste of space, but hey, that’s just me.

On the other side, there are, underneath the plastic covers, micro USB jack (supports USB charging) and microSD slot. The E72 comes with 4GB microSD card, which is quite enough for regular user.

3,5mm audio jack and the power key are located on the top of this device. It always good to see regular audio jack, because you can use your favorite headphones with no adapters.

The 5MP camera (with LED flash) and a (decent) loudspeaker are at the back side. Camera is missing the Carl Zeiss optics and the lens cover, but this isn’t a N series device. Of course, beneath the great, great, great metal cover (I really disliked the plastic cover on the X6 16GB) there is an even better 1500mAh battery that will last for days. Its durability will surprise you, no doubt.

The software

E72 runs Symbian S60v3 FP2, customized for E series. These customizations will, for example, allow you to choose what you want to show on your home screen, and I really miss this convenient feature on my N82. Firmware is at v031.023 at the moment and it runs smoothly. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised with the boot time – significantly shorter than I expected!

When it comes to typing, you’ll notice that the keyboard is very practical, ’cause nothing can replace physical buttons – X6’s QWERTY requires a lot more time to adapt to and to type. Numerous shortcuts will make your life easier, so use them as much as you can.

When you turn on the E72, you’ll have around 50MB of RAM, and more than 180MB of free space on the C:\ drive. This phone is packed with great apps, so you have the ability to edit/view Office 2007 documents out of the box, optical character recognition software, superb email support, etc… Of course, OVI is E72’s middle name, and you have OVI Maps with free drive and walk navigation, OVI Sync, OVI Store, OVI Music preinstalled.

The camera

Although this is a business device, the quality of the pictures is above the average. Of course, I’m talking about day shots, don’t get carried away and hope to use this device for taking pictures in low light – LED just isn’t enough. Take a look at these pictures (make sure you click on the images to see them in full size), and decide for yourself.


So, should you buy this device? If you want to have a rock solid, full QWERTY, business device, then YES, definitely!

But, should you upgrade from the E71? I’ll leave you to decide this, here are E72’s main advantages: faster CPU (600MHz vs 369MHz), better camera (5MP vs 3,2MP), and newer operating system (FP2 vs FP1).

On the other hand, I would honestly pick this one over the X6.


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