Nokia E72 is here!

I’ve returned the X6 16GB last week, and now I have the best business Nokia in my hands – the E72 – again, thanks to Darko! 🙂

I had the E71 last year for two months, and I’m really looking forward to testing this sleek device.

Just to remind you, the E72 packs:

  1. full QWERTY keyboard, optical Navi key,
  2. 5MP camera, with LED flash and auto-focus,
  3. GPS with free drive and walk navigation using OVI Maps,
  4. Symbian Series 60 v3.2, FP2 device
  5. WiFi connectivity.

Main disadvantage – small screen.

Here are some pics I’ve taken, more coming soon in my “First impressions” post (click on each image to see its full size):

As I usually do when I get a new device, I’ve checked for firmware updates. The E72 supports OTA Update (I LOVE this feature!), so I typed in *#0000# on my home screen, and was presented with the following screen:

After clicking “Options->Check for updates”, I was pleased to see that there was a hefty update for my trial device available. Before running the update, make sure that the battery isn’t near its end! It also good to back up your data, although E72 supports UDP (User Data Preservation).

This update brings several performance and bug fixes, as well as new apps and updates to the old ones. To name a few:

  • Browser updated to
  • New apps include: OVI Sync, Internet Radio, Advanced Communication Manager (ability to automatically reject numbers, etc..) and Smart Connect (make a connections group).
  • OVI Maps updated to v3, so you have free drive and walk navigation.

I will be using the E72 as my main device for a few weeks, so if there’s anything you would like to ask, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

    • James
    • May 17th, 2010

    I have been using the E72 for 5 months. It’s not perfect but I think you will really enjoy it!

  1. I agree with you James, it is really close to perfect 🙂

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