Free apps you just have to install on your X6

I’m still using the Nokia X6 16GB as my main phone, and here are some suggestions how to expand its numerous possibilities with these free, must-have apps (these apply to all touchscreen Symbian phones). They are not sorted in any particular order.

1. Quickoffice – this app gives you the ability to read .doc, .xls and .ppt files. You get this app with v20 firmware, as seen here, so go ahead and update your phone. Of course, if you need editing capabilities and .docx and .xlsx support, you’ll have to pay for this app.

2. YouTube app – much more convenient then the browser. You can even sign in, view your uploads and favorites, etc… Available via OVI Store.

3. Sports Tracker – this is really a great app (one of my favorites, a full review coming soon), the successor to the famous Nokia Sports Tracker, and it allows you to track your sport activities on your GPS enabled phone – running, cycling, skiing, etc… Available via OVI Store.

4. Nokia Photo Browser – an alternative to the inbuilt image viewer, with beautiful 3D picture wall, face recognition and click-and-hold to zoom function. Available via OVI Store. Maybe I should change the post title to “Must have free apps in the OVI Store” 🙂

5. Nimbuzz – as I said before: “the most complete social messaging application”. Make free calls and chat with your Skype, MSN, GTalk, Yahoo! contacts, or chat with your Facebook contacts. There is also Twitter support, with all the basic functionality.

That’s basically it, if I forgot your favorite free app that needs to be added to the X6, be sure to leave a comment below.

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