Setting up Telexy’s SymSync

At this time, SymSync is the only application for automated WiFi file syncing between your Symbian (both s60v3 and s60v5) powered phone and your PC.  In this tutorial, I’m going to explain you how to set up wireless synchronization for your files and folders using Telexy‘s handy application.

I’m actually using the SymNC (Network Commander), which consists of several applications, including the SymSync, but the setup procedure is the same. If you’re using SymNC, this application is located in Settings->File Sync. But prior to opening this, you will need to make a new account, if you haven’t done that already. (Detailed explanation for making an account can be found on one of my previous posts).

Click on this icon, and then Options->Add new, and you will see the following screen:

Like in my tutorial about setting up network drive in SymNC, I will go step by step.

1. ‘Name’ – enter any name that will correspond the syncing action. For example, if you want to sync pictures from your phone to you office PC, name this sync “Pictures to office PC”, etc…

2. ‘Source Folder’ – Click on it, and instead of manually typing in the source path, press Options->Browse and you will see this screen:

In this example, I’m going to choose ‘My Phone’. Now select E:\ (that is the drive letter of your memory card), because that is where your pictures are most likely stored. Scroll down till you get to ‘Images’ folder, and press ‘Done’, and on the next screen ‘OK’.

3. ‘Target Folder’ – Similar procedure as before. Click on it, then Options->Browse, and this time choose ‘Network’. You will be prompted to choose the WiFi access point that connects your phone to your computer network.

After you make the selection, you will see the list of all PC’s that are currently connected to this network. Choose the one you want to sync with, and browse through its shared folders (how to share a computer folder is also described in my previous post, in number 6. ‘Share’). When you get to the desired folder, click ‘Done’, and you should see the full path to this folder:

Click ‘OK’, and you will be back on the setup screen. This was the hard part, it’s quite easy from now on. 🙂

4. ‘Access point’ – this will be automatically filled in, because you’ve already chosen it in step 3.

5. ‘Account’ –  this should also be automatically chosen, but if it isn’t, choose the account we previously made.

6. ‘Sync Interval’ – this option will allow you to select how often will the syncing occur. You get to choose from: “In charging mode, “Every 30 minutes”, “Every 2/6/12/24 hours” and “Disabled”. I like to use “Disabled”, which is actually “Manual sync”, because I don’t need to sync so often. Other options are self-explanatory, and you are free to choose the one that suites you the most.

7. ‘Delete source’ – here you can select if you want to (in familiar Windows terminology) “cut” or “copy” the files from the source (in this case, your phone). If you select “No”, the files will remain in your phone after the sync has been completed. And if you select “Yes”, the files will be deleted from the source folder.

8. ‘Include subfolders’ – I recommend choosing “Yes”, because it will sync the entire folder (files and subfolders) to the target. Otherwise, only files from the ‘parent’ folder will be transfered.

Press ‘Done’ and you will see the name of your syncing profile, and the date of your last sync.

Now, to test if you did everything correctly, click on Options->Verify, wait a few seconds, and, hopefully, you will see the “Operation succeeded” notification. This is it, you’ve successfully set up SymSync, so you can do the first sync by pressing Options->Start. Please note: the first sync will be the longest one, every other is incremental, meaning it will only transfer new or changed files. That is great, because it saves you a lot of time and battery life!

Hope this helps, feel free to comment or ask questions. I expect you will enjoy using SymSync as much as I do, because this is really, really functional and practical app that you must have! Syncing becomes a child’s play with this SymSync…

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    • Wil
    • January 22nd, 2010

    Thanks for good description. Indeed, it seems like very interesting and useful software.

    • You are welcome Wil, I’m glad you like the post…

      On Fri Jan 22nd, 2010 11:04 AM CET

    • Harsh Pranami
    • October 4th, 2010

    Hi i’m suffering froma curious problem.While choosing target folder the “done” option doesn”t appear.Instead cancel appears.So i9 can’t choose please help

      • Jose
      • December 13th, 2010

      I’d call it a bug, but here’s a work around: I selected a file in the folder, than deleted the file name when I got back to the edit field.

    • Jose
    • December 13th, 2010

    Great article, you’re the only person to have written any of this up, so thanks.
    I get as far as 3. Target.
    I can select the Wifi network, but it doesn’t show any PCs on the the Wifi network.
    Any ideas how I could diagnose the problem?

    • mk
    • March 20th, 2011

    Jose :Great article, you’re the only person to have written any of this up, so thanks.I get as far as 3. Target.I can select the Wifi network, but it doesn’t show any PCs on the the Wifi network.Any ideas how I could diagnose the problem?

    • User
    • March 22nd, 2011

    If you want your C drive of your phone filling up everytime you sync, give Symsync a miss.

    A file called symsync.db in C:\Private\20000b4 keeps growing everytime you sync and the developers are at a lost as to what to do about it.

    • SeanAdamleni
    • June 24th, 2011

    im getting an unknown error

    Description:Unknown Error

    nokia 5530 s6v05

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