How to control your PC with your mobile phone using bluetooth, detailed tutorial

I still remember the astonished looks on my friends’ and colleagues’ faces when I controlled my PowerPoint presentation with my phone. I think they listened to me during the first slide, and after that they were wondering who is switching slides…ūüėÄ

Soon after that, many of them installed Mobilewitch Bluetooth Remote Control, a freeware Java application that allows you to remotely control your PC (you could never guess from the app name :)) in several different ways.

This application isn’t new, but is very, very useful, so for those of you who still have problems connecting, here’s the (never too detailed) tutorial.

Setting up is relatively easy: after you download the application (from here), install it on your computer. Now you have to transfer MWRemoteCtrl.jar file to your phone.¬†This file should be located on your computer desktop, but if it isn’t, go to C:\Program Files\Mobile Witch Remote Control folder, and you’ll find it. You can send this file via USB cable, or preferably, via bluetooth. (You do need to have a bluetooth adapter to get this thing to work.)

Install the .jar file on your cell. I recommend installing on phone’s memory, instead on memory card, it will only consume 71kB.

Now, this may seem a bit complicated, but it’s quite useful in the long run. You may skip this step, by try not to.

Before launching the application, go to Application Manager, find MWRemoteCtrl (it will probably be at the bottom of the list, so press “Up” a few times and you’ll find it) and click Options->Open. Scroll down till you get to Connectivity:

Select ‘Always allowed’ instead of ‘Ask first time’. This will remove the extremely annoying nag screen that normally shows up on application launch. Exit the Application Manager and turn on the bluetooth on your phone! And the answer is yes, I have switched to new tehkSeven theme “Just Black” (presented here).:)

Now run both the PC application (icon is on your desktop), and the mobile application (the icon is most likely located in the ‘Applications’ folder). Make sure that your bluetooth adapter is plugged in your PC and that your computer is discoverable (in Bluetooth Settings check “Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer” and “Allow Bluetooth devices to connect to this computer”). (Click on image to enlarge.)

We’re almost there:)

Click on “Search for servers” on your phone. After a few seconds, you should be able to see the name of your PC (for example My-PC). Click on it, and that’s about it! You are now connected to your computer via bluetooth.

Now you can choose how will you control your PC:

You can move mouse pointer using your cell’s d-pad in the Mouse mode, ¬†or press some keyboard buttons in the Keyboard mode, but the “main”, and, by far, the most useful mode is the Application mode.

Here you can manage and control Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, PowerPoint, Winamp and Windows Media Player. Personally, I don’t find that remote control of any web browser is very useful, and I recommend you to try PowerPoint and Winamp, one for work use, and one for personal. My discovery: Adobe Reader/Acrobat is not listed here, but when you use it in full screen mode, you can switch through pages!

Hope this helps, enjoy changing tracks in Winamp from the comfort of your bed…

Comments and questions are welcome and much appreciated, of course.

    • Wes – Brazil
    • April 3rd, 2010

    My HTC (Win Mobile based) did not accept to run the application. Java informs that MIDlet developer should be contacted. What can be done, if anything? My 14 years old kid is laughing here because I ensured him I’d nail this one and make it work…

  1. Hi Wes,

    make sure that your phone’s software is up to date, and then try again.

    This is the first time I’ve heard of such error, so you can try some other software, like

    • Kenneth
    • May 22nd, 2010

    Why is my phone turning white every 10 seconds when i use it?????

    turn it doesnt respond so i’ll exit the app

    THEN the mouse on my comp wont move……is it a virus????

  2. Hi Kenneth,

    this is definitely not a virus, I’ve tried this myself. Uninstall the app, and try again.

    • Arunath
    • July 9th, 2010

    Hello Sir,

    I would like to ask about this application when i start the application on the computer which i assume is the server it gives me an says,

    Exception Occured,
    Make sure bluetooth adapter is connected,
    Please restart
    Exception decription:

    I already have my bluetooth running and i am using IVT BlueSoleil Adapter…

      • nstirton
      • July 31st, 2010

      Did you ever get this fixed Arunath? Having same issue…..

        • Arunath
        • July 31st, 2010

        Hello sir,
        yeah i got it fixed already!…thanks for da concern..=D

      • Rodrigo
      • September 6th, 2010

      Hi, I’m having the same issue, I can’t get the computer server software working. Did anyone fix it? Please tell me how.

        • Arunath
        • September 6th, 2010

        Hey Rodrigo…
        There is an XML file in the server folder, please open that folder with notepad and see the row “Port Number” ..and please insert your computer Bluetooth port number, for example mine was 21…so u gotta check ur bluetooth port and see for its number….i think this might be the problem…=D….

        have a nice day..;


    • Jordan
    • July 23rd, 2010

    Another Bluetooth remote control program that’s definitely worth checking out is Vectir. It’s the only one I could get to work properly on my Nokia 5800. Also provides much better Winamp compatibility compared to the others.

    • jimbo
    • September 10th, 2010

    The jar file installs in my phone lg pop but when I lunch it on my phone it stops loading and says file type not supported my phone is listed as supported? whats up with that?

  3. hi… i tried the trick but after installing the software on the mobile, it’s showing unsupported midilet.. what can be done??

    • p
    • March 23rd, 2012

    Arunath :
    Hey Rodrigo…
    There is an XML file in the server folder, please open that folder with notepad and see the row ‚ÄúPort Number‚ÄĚ ..and please insert your computer Bluetooth port number, for example mine was 21‚Ķso u gotta check ur bluetooth port and see for its number‚Ķ.i think this might be the problem‚Ķ=D‚Ķ.
    have a nice day..;

    I couldn’t find the “Port Number” in the code. Could you please help me with that

    • Aditya Mhatre
    • April 5th, 2012

    Sir I am getting this problem please helpp i really want this software please can any one help me

    Exception Occured,
    Make sure bluetooth adapter is connected,
    Please restart
    Exception decription:

    • Bikash
    • May 27th, 2012

    I have downloaded and installed the file as instructed by you. But i am not able to do any controlling using my mobile. But i didn’t got any error while connecting. Its also displaying client connected but in the screen of the mobile handset its always displaying Connecting…
    please help me to rectify the problem

    • gaurav
    • August 6th, 2012

    in which mobile this software runs???

    • Chanchal Raj
    • August 14th, 2012

    Really great application, loved it… thanks for sharing..

    • aaseem
    • September 23rd, 2012

    can we load image on mobile so that in mobile also we can see destkop screen.

    • Tha’ir Ahmad
    • October 30th, 2012

    thanks alot.. a did it and i got a remote for my pc..:)

    • vijay
    • November 4th, 2012

    i wondered that it is really working on my nokia c6 mobile…..thanx sir…

    • praneeth
    • November 25th, 2012

    exactly what i was looking for … albeit only the application thing works perfectly for me …the mouse mode and the keyboard mode stilll have some glitches …i dunno if its the application or my phone … but anyways …PEACE…!!

    • mahesh
    • March 3rd, 2013

    i cant open MWR REMOTE Ctrl in my mobile(LG GM 200)what will i do?

    • rekha
    • March 4th, 2013

    everything is done but my phone is not detecting servers though they are available showing an error message service not found
    please give me a solution for this

    • Shambhu
    • August 21st, 2014

    Thank you so much sir!
    Its working..
    Its very easy to use on a nokia simple java phone also.
    I shall be very thank ful to u..
    You are great..

  4. not working in symbian

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