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First post from my iPad

Hi everyone, just wanted to try something new – writting a blog post directly from my iPad using official WordPress app…

Let’s begin with a pic:

It’ working fine :)

I’ll try with one larger photo this time, the quality of the first one isn’t that good.

Ok, so you can add photos between the text…

Nokia N8 hands on preview

Hi gals and guys, it’s been a while since my last post, sorry about that. So, I’ve prepared something special this time – exclusive hands on preview, pictures and video of the upcoming Symbian^3 mobile phone – the Nokia N8!!! I must thank Stephanie (@sturbi) from Austria for this great opportunity to play with the new Nokia’s flagship. Thank you SO MUCH :)

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Nokia E72 is here!

I’ve returned the X6 16GB last week, and now I have the best business Nokia in my hands – the E72 – again, thanks to Darko! :)

I had the E71 last year for two months, and I’m really looking forward to testing this sleek device.

Just to remind you, the E72 packs:

  1. full QWERTY keyboard, optical Navi key,
  2. 5MP camera, with LED flash and auto-focus,
  3. GPS with free drive and walk navigation using OVI Maps,
  4. Symbian Series 60 v3.2, FP2 device
  5. WiFi connectivity.

Main disadvantage – small screen.

Here are some pics I’ve taken, more coming soon in my “First impressions” post (click on each image to see its full size):

As I usually do when I get a new device, I’ve checked for firmware updates. The E72 supports OTA Update (I LOVE this feature!), so I typed in *#0000# on my home screen, and was presented with the following screen:

After clicking “Options->Check for updates”, I was pleased to see that there was a hefty update for my trial device available. Before running the update, make sure that the battery isn’t near its end! It also good to back up your data, although E72 supports UDP (User Data Preservation).

This update brings several performance and bug fixes, as well as new apps and updates to the old ones. To name a few:

  • Browser updated to
  • New apps include: OVI Sync, Internet Radio, Advanced Communication Manager (ability to automatically reject numbers, etc..) and Smart Connect (make a connections group).
  • OVI Maps updated to v3, so you have free drive and walk navigation.

I will be using the E72 as my main device for a few weeks, so if there’s anything you would like to ask, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

Sports Tracker – the ultimate running companion

If you like the famous Latin saying: “Mens sana in corpore sano” or “A healthy mind in a healthy body”, then you probably have some outdoor sport activity that keeps you fit and healthy. I present you Sports Tracker, a free app that will help you record and improve your runs/hikes, using the GPS receiver in your Symbian phone.

This tremendously useful application is the successor to the Nokia Sports Tracker, and is available only for touchscreen phones at the moment (S60v5) – I’m using it on my trial Nokia X6 16GB, and it works perfectly! Update 14.05.2010. FP2 phones supported also! You can download it in the OVI Store.

When you launch the app, you will see the following screen.

You can start tracking new workout, browse your previous workouts (if any), modify the settings, access your latest workout, see the sunrise/sunset time in your area, and send download link to your friend for this app via SMS.

I recommend that you start with the Settings.

Here you have 4 options, and I will begin with General Settings.

1. Access point – you will be using the selected AP to upload your workouts to Sports Tracker website (this feature is coming soon), and to download updates. I like to select home WiFi connection.

2. Memory in use – select where do you want to keep workout files – phone’s memory or mass storage (memory card).

3. Measurement unit – you have 3 options here, select the one that suits your needs: Metric (distance in kilometers, speed in kilometers per hour), Imperial (distance in miles, speed in miles per hour) and Nautical (distance in nautical miles, speed in knots).

4. Map material – you can choose between “Empty background”, “Phone” and “Phone and network”. I usually select Phone, because I don’t need detailed maps while running.

5. Workout backlight – I suggest you choose “Automatic” (which will follow your phone’s settings), because “Always on” will drain the battery.

6. Autolap signal – select if and how you want to be notified when you finish a lap. I like to hear a sound, light notification isn’t that useful to me.

7. Use automatic keylock – very useful option, because this automatically locks your phone after the selected period of time.

8. Altitude offset – lets you select your elevation. I keep this field at 0m.

OK, now go back one level, to the “Settings” screen, and select “User”. Fill in your name, age, gender and weight in the corresponding fields.

In the Activities view (in the “Settings” screen), you can tweak the settings for each type of workout, as shown below.

If you have a heart rate belt, pair it with your phone by clicking the Heart Rate field.

Finally, we finished the setup! :) Go back the the start screen, and select “New workout”.

Select the activity type in the first field, for example cycling.

You can skip the second field, or select some of the previous workouts.

In the third field, select how often do you want to hear a sound (“on each 1km” is just fine), or select “Route based” if you’re running/cycling in circles.

Now click “OK”, and you’ll see the following screen.

Wait for the “GPS fix OK” message, click “Start” and you’re ready to go! Once you’ve finished, click “Options->Stop”, and you’ll see the details of your workout. The image below shows my workout, I cycled with my friend Cvijan few days ago around the Belgrade lake Ada Ciganlija.

You can edit the workout details by clicking on the pen icon, or share the screenshot of the workout with your friends by clicking the envelope icon. You can also scroll down to see additional details, graphs, etc…

As I’ve mentioned before, the “Upload to website” feature is coming soon.

Now that you know how to use Sports Tracker, on your mark, get set, go!!! :)

Nokia X2 announced

Just a brief note: couple of hours ago, Nokia announced their newest phone in the X series – the X2.

It’s a budget-friendly S40 device (85€ before taxes), with 5MP camera (!) and 2,2″ TFT screen. It will be released in Q2 2010.

It also has dedicated music keys, 3,5mm audio jack (this is great because you will be able to use your favorite headphones), Bluetooth 2.1, microSD slot (up to 16GB) and it is very thin – 13mm.

After Nokia’s last announcement of The Beast (a.k.a Nokia N8), two days ago, this device doesn’t excite me that much, but I guess it will be very popular, because you’ll have a very good camera and a capable media player in a nice looking phone, for a very affordable price.

Pictures ©Nokia.


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